Job Seeker Insight isn't just for job seekers —
it's advantageous for employers, too.

If a potential candidate brings you their background report from JSI, you’ll receive information to log in and verify their report. This pre-employment screening saves time and money and gives you confidence that the candidate will not be a liability.

How It Works

icon Receive Report

If a candidate brings you a background report from JSI, it will include an employer verification certificate that provides information you can use to log in and verify the report.

icon Visit JSI Employer Login Page

If your organization has never verified a report through JSI, you will need to set up a company account to reference the candidate’s report. This protects both you and the job seeker.

icon Pay Online

There is a $20 fee to verify the candidate’s background report, which you can pay by credit card. This is very cost-effective, as ordering a report on your own can cost up to $200. We use the same exact databases and practices as all consumer reporting agencies.

icon Verify Report

Enter the information located on your employer verification certificate. This sends an order to validate the accuracy of the report. Results are delivered within 10 minutes.

icon Choose with Confidence

After certifying your candidate’s background report, you can make a hiring decision with confidence.