Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive your report by secure, confidential mail within 10-15 business days. We do not transmit this information via the Internet to further ensure your privacy.

Almost every company in today’s business world will perform a background check on potential candidates. If you’re worried you might have something on your record that an employer might see, our service lets you know exactly what information will be provided to them so that you can take steps to contest this information or prepare an explanation. Even if you know you don’t have a record and you keep your social media profiles clean, you still have reason to order a background check for yourself. Unfortunately, consumer reporting agencies do make errors, and if someone has a similar name, date of birth, or lives in the same location, your identity could be mistaken for theirs. This is especially true if you have a common name. The risk simply isn’t worth it.

For an additional charge, you may request multiple copies of your report on the order form. JSI also offers professional drug testing kits with local drop-off service should you wish to see your results. Contact us for more information.

You will see raw data, which is exactly what any consumer reporting agency/background screening company will see before sorting through your records. For instance, many times records come back that do not belong to the subject being checked. These will be included in your report so that you can be aware of them in case a potential employer pulls an inaccurate report. In addition to a full display of county, federal, social media and employment and education records, you will see what your references and former employers have to say about you — both good and bad.

Having served multiple Fortune 500 and publicly traded companies, we are veteran industry leaders. We know exactly what employers look for, and our team of former FBI agents and screening professionals maintain an unparalleled degree of accuracy. We also provide the most comprehensive report available — no stone goes unturned.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you in contesting records or removing information from the Internet or elsewhere. Our report acts as a tool you can use to discover the information that’s out there. If you do encounter erroneous, misleading or revealing information, you can use our resource guide (included with your report) to learn what you can do.

Yes, absolutely. This takes away both risk and cost from the hiring organization — they don’t have to pay for your background check, and they know that you’re hirable. We provide an employer verification certificate to give to your interviewer, which provides an 800 number and an online portal the individual can use to verify that your report is indeed legitimate and accurate.

No. We take every measure to ensure your privacy is maintained. Our backend site is protected by Verizon Cybertrust Security, which means we adhere to 31 different security policies that affect all critical control groups within an organization. For more information about Verizon Cybertrust Security, click here. To read our privacy policy, click here.

Our base package starts at $299. This includes our comprehensive background report as well as an employer verification certificate and resource guide. If you would like to order additional copies of your report or drug tests, the price will vary. Contact us if you are interested in additional services.

In addition to extra printed copies of your report that you can provide to potential employers, we'll also provide you with the JSI Digital Verification Badge, which enables you to quickly and easily show potential employers that you've completed a background check. The badge itself is a QR code, which can be implemented into social media profiles, placed on resumes, and more. When a hiring manager or HR professional clicks or scans the QR code, they're taken to your personal verification page, which confirms the results of your background report.
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