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Comprehensive Background & Online Activity Report: $299*

Using advanced technology, we provide you with the exact same information that companies obtain from consumer reporting agencies. Your comprehensive report lays out everything that a potential employer can discover — no stone goes unturned.

*Certain states apply additional fees and increase the report cost. Please see below for a list of these states.


What's Included


Social Security Number Verification

Address History

National Criminal Search

Sex Offender

County Criminal (Felony and Misdemeanor)

Federal District

Employment Verification

Education Verification

Personal References

Motor Vehicle Report

Social Media Report


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*Certain states apply additional fees and increase the report cost. If you live in, or have lived in any of the following states within the past seven years, please allow for an extra charge of $70.00 to cover court access fees for your Job Seeker Insight Report.

New York, Michigan, New Hampshire, Montana, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming

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