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Ordering your report is simple.

  • Enter Name, Email and Address
    Start by entering these three pieces of information.
    This allows us to retrieve preliminary information and send you a secure link to continue the process. LEARN MORE »

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    Verify Identity
    Next, you’ll need to answer a series of brief questions to verify your identity.
    These may ask about previous street addresses, banks or student loans. LEARN MORE »

  • Retrieve Code
    After you enter your name, email and address, we'll email you a unique security code.
    Enter this code into the login page to start the process. LEARN MORE »

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    Provide Your Info
    Enter your identifying information into our brief submission form.
    You can pay with a credit card, and our site is encrypted by Verizon Cybertrust Security to ensure total protection of your data. LEARN MORE »

  • Review Report
    Within 10-15 days, you'll receive a copy of your complete background check by secured, confidential mail.
    Review your detailed background report thoroughly for errors and revealing information. You will also receive the JSI Digital Verification Badge, which enables you to quickly show employers you've received a background chceck. LEARN MORE »

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    Take Action
    If necessary, take action to "clean up" your information.
    This might include deleting pictures from social media sites or contacting courts to remove erroneous records. LEARN MORE »